[Techtalk] bash/perl script to rename files...

Walt pippin at fred.net
Sat Oct 27 16:11:53 EST 2001

Actually, I have an anon ftp that clients
upload files to, and they often upload
files with spaces in the names. I have
a cron script that checks it at regular
intervals and moves the file to my network

However, the permissions have to be
changed on the files to make them group
read/writable and my little script that does
that seems to need them to not have spaces
in the names. Plus the files are easier to
move around when you don't have to
surround the filenames with quotes.

The only things I really hate are the characters
that MacOS allows users to put in the filenames.
Like /'s or spaces at the end of a filename.


Sam Watkins  wrote:
>You might apply this to your whole filesystem if you're feeling really
>dark on spaced-out filenames.


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