[Techtalk] bash/perl script to rename files...

Erin Mulder meara99 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 26 15:31:36 EST 2001

[Overkill for just one file, but... ]

I love to keep this "mangle" script around that can search and
replace recursively through particular files under some root.
(e.g. to update version numbers, package names, etc.)

#! /bin/sh
# Usage: mangle text1 text2
#        Replace all occurrences of 'text1' with 'text2' in every file
#        given on standard input.  For example, to replace all
#        occurrences of 'foo' with 'bar' in files whose names end in
#        .txt, issue the following command:
#        find . -type f -name \*.txt -print | mangle foo bar

while read i; do
    sed "s|$1|$2|g" $i > $i.tmp && mv -f $i.tmp $i

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> I need a perl script that replaces spaces
> in a filename with underscores...
> I'm sure that this can be achieved, I just
> don't know how to do it.
> Thanks!
> Walt
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