[Techtalk] Re: Techtalk digest, Vol 1 #143 - 12 msgs

Ray306 at aol.com Ray306 at aol.com
Sun Oct 21 00:18:31 EST 2001

I currently use Bellsouth DSL through a Linksys router with 4 boxes attached. 
Two of which are dual boot Win/Linux machines. No problems, Linux works 
without a hitch


In a message dated 10/20/2001 4:20:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
techtalk-request at linuxchix.org writes:

<< Anyway, any users of Bell South in particular , or DSL generally  care
 to share ? headaches , heartbreaks , willingness to suggest answers to
 tech support type questions ..  ??? Especially if you might be willing
 to take this off list  for private discussions, and electronic
 handholding and "there , there" , type soothing noises for Gil ( that's
 the spouse <g>) >>

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