[Techtalk] Any Bellsouth dsl users in the house ?

Kai MacTane kmactane at GothPunk.com
Sat Oct 20 16:58:03 EST 2001

At 10/20/01 10:52 AM , jfweber at eternal.net wrote:
>Ladies;  Honorable and Honorary,
>any help anyone wishes to impart here will be most greatfully recieved, 
>although, any suggestions to "go boil yer 'ead , will be chearfully ignored

Fair enough. May I respectfully suggest that you tell BellSouth to go boil 
*its* head? If they don't support you as a customer, why should you give 
them your money?

I know, I know -- they may be the only game in town. In which case, you 
have my sympathies, and I recommend you to the excellent advice already 
supplied by other list members.

However... you may be able to find a better deal. For example, my DSL 
provider, speakeasy.net, gives me four *static* IPs, and a ToS that 
explicitly *permits* me to run my own servers. They explicitly *do* support 
Linux. I'm running a half-dozen domains out of my house; Web, email, FTP, 
the whole works, including my own primary DNS servers. The only thing I 
don't directly control is my reverse lookup, and Speakeasy will happily 
edit that for me at my request.

I don't know if they have a POP (Point of Presence, not Post Office 
Protocol) in your area, since I don't even know where you live. But by all 
means, check www.speakeasy.net to see if you can get service from them. If 
you can't, try looking at www.dslreports.com, who can give you a listing of 
providers in your ZIP code. You may find someone you hadn't thought of...

Good luck! I hope you can find a Linux-supporting DSL provider to give your 
business to.

                                                 --Kai MacTane
"Death and money make their point once more,
  In the shape of philosophical assassins..."
                                                  "Gunning for the

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