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Ellie ellie at mn.rr.com
Sat Oct 20 10:57:17 EST 2001

Thanks for the response.  I am trying to use Yaboot on a DV iMac of the graphite variety.  This is a work computer on an all Mac network, and I've never used a PPC variety of Linux before.  While I can still boot OS 9.2, I've never been able to finish the Mandrake install due the second error in writing the boot loader to the disk.  Thanks for the links.  Ellie

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>> I decided that I would partition my iMac at work to allow one partition for
>> OS 9 and the other for Mandrake.  When I put the installer in, immediately
>> I get an error message Wrong partition 1 signature.  I am able to continue
>> with the installation, but when it is time to install the bootloader, the
>> Mac partition isn't offered in the dropdown list of partitions.  No matter
>> where I try to install the Y, it will not let me and gives back an error,
>> which I am not going to try to install Linux again to obtain.  The gist of
>> it is that it is not a Mac partition so cannot be written to.  Has anyone
>> successfully installed Mandrake on such a configuration?  Thanks in
>> to anyone who might have an answer.
>> Ellie
>What bootloader are you trying to use with your iMac?  Can you sucessfully
>install Mandrake, and still boot into MAC/OS?  If you can you might want to
>try to setup yaboot/ybin.  Detailed information on this can be
>found at:
>Personally I dont use a Mac.  But I find http://www.penguinppc.org/ has alot
>of useful information.
>Good Luck!
>On-Site Linux Specialist

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