[Techtalk] rpm question

adric adric at adric.net
Wed Oct 17 12:49:48 EST 2001

Alien can turn that rpm into a tgz or a deb, which may help you sort out
what's in there. Can you urpmi alien yet ?

Somebody with RPM skills help her get alien?


At 9:35 AM -0700 10/17/01, Rita Starceski wrote:
>I don't think so.. I need to be able to look at rpms that are not installed.
>when I do an
>rpm -ql redcreek_appplication-2.0.rpm
>I get an error message that the package is not installed.. also I need to
>check date and size of the files ?  Is this possible to do in an rpm ?  Am I
>doing something wrong in the above command ?

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