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Tue Oct 16 14:53:56 EST 2001

here are couple additional ones that you might wanna check.
Not sure how good are they. But how bad can It be?


all your base are belong to OpenBSD.

--- "data trauma" <datatrauma at angelfire.com>
> wrote:
> Try linkscan
>I use it regularly as it provides easy to read reports. It also checks for orphaned files, validates html and scans large sites quickly. Its free for sites that are less than 500 pages. For larger sites I think you need to purchase a license. It runs on Unix and Windows
>On Mon, 15 Oct 2001 15:12:08  
> Caroline Patterson wrote:
>>On Mon, 15 Oct 2001, Raven, corporate courtesan wrote:
>>> 	Posting a question for a friend of mine -- I couldn't help her,
>>> but I'm hoping someone else can.
>>> 	She has recently taken on Webmistress duties for a large and
>>> robust site (http://www.pbs.org).  She's looking for a link checker
>>> program that can run through the site and give her a list of broken
>>> links so that she can fix them.  The problem is, there are hundreds of
>>> thousands of links on the site, and all the programs she's tried so far
>>> have crashed, unable to handle a site of that size.
>>> 	Anyone have any favorites or recommendations for her?  It can
>>> run on either a Linux or a Windows platform.
>> Linkbot on Windows is fairly stable. I've never had any problems 
>>running it over massive sites. However I was using a version that may no 
>>longer exist (Linkbot Pro 5.5). It doesn't appear to be available from
>>their site anymore (http://www.watchfire.com/solutions/linkbot.asp). I 
>>have a vague recollection that the Personal edition is fairly limited
>>and only checks up to 1000 links - rendering it useless in your friend's
>>case. :(
>>Caroline Patterson
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