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Caitlyn M. Martin caitlynmaire at
Fri Oct 12 11:29:02 EST 2001


> I mean, next time I'm building out a server, which might be Sunday, who
> knows, I would definitely think about writing everything I do for
> installation and securifying (kernel rebuild, removing services), step by
> step.

Actually, I've written instructions for the federal Agency I support on how to
secure a Red Hat Linux box (6.2, 7.1, and I'm about to do 7.2) to our
standards.  It's what all Agency sysadmins nationwide have to follow.  I've
also done it for Solaris 8. My docs stood up to independent and in-house geek
review, so I think I've done OK.  Those docs are internal/confidential, but I
could easily write a "Making a Linux box secure" howto that was generic enough
and built on the knowledge and lab testing I've done at work.
> > 
> Also a definitions of things, like how myself and Raven did.  Maybe even do
> pretty pictures (In Visio or something else of that nature)

Err...  Kivio or Dia, methinks.  Let's keep this Linux, not Microsoft.

> Or if I could find hosting (I see places doing it with PHP/MySQL for like
> $15 now. I'd so do that)

Lots of places like that.

, I'd do it myself on with the domain I am trying to
> register with NSI (Their https server isn't responding),

Forget NSI.  Try domaingeeks instead :)

All the best,

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