[Techtalk] kernel upgrades

Britta Koch bkoch at rz.uni-osnabrueck.de
Thu Oct 11 22:18:19 EST 2001

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001 03:23:31 -0400, wolf said:

A few more things:

Lee said:

>- Next is to compile your kernel and modules if you've used any.  There
>are several steps, usually the next step depends on the previous one.  I
>usually use one command line, with an operator to ensure that if one step
>fails, the rest are aborted.  Try this:

>make dep && make && make bzImage && make modules && make modules_install

instead, you can also say 
make dep bzImage modules modules_install
If you're in a really really adventurous mood (and have a bootable
rescue CD / floppy nearby), you could edit /etc/lilo.conf first, then

make dep bzImage modules modules_install && lilo && reboot
 - but you won't get a chance to think about rebooting ;)

If you have X, to configure the kernel, you can also use 
make xconfig

but you need to have your DISPLAY set, and remote X forwarding turned
on (with SuSE, at least - not with Debian).
as root, and
xhost + localhost
as the user who started X if you don't get a picture with make xconfig.

Also, though you may not need the kernel sources in the /usr/src
hierarchy, some programs you compile (glibc, I think) might look for
stuff in /usr/src/linux/include, and if it's not there, you won't be
able to compile. I just like to keep them there to have those files in
the right place...


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