[Techtalk] [FAQ] Bouncing mail to linuxchix.org

Mary Gardiner linuxchix at puzzling.org
Thu Oct 11 19:55:01 EST 2001

The following is an FAQ on the recent problem that many mails to
linuxchix.org lists bounce.

This FAQ has been crossposted to announce, techtalk, grrltalk, and issues.

Please post responses to grrltalk at linuxchix.org if non-technical and
techtalk at linuxchix.org if technical. Do not reply to all the lists.

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FAQ: Bouncing mail to linuxchix.org

Why am I getting funny bounces from mail.hub.org for my Linuxchix mail?

 @linuxchix.org mail is meant to be handled by the new linuxchix.org 
 machine. Unfortunately, the address lookup for @linuxchix.org often
 fails, and causes machines to try to send it to mail.hub.org instead.
 mail.hub.org no longer handles @linuxchix.org mail and bounces it.

In the meantime, how can I get my mail through?

 If you get a bounce for a mail to @linuxchix.org, send it to
 @linuxchix.simegen.com instead, and note at the beginning of the message
 that you got a bounce sending that mail the first time. That will give
 us some idea of how many bounces there are.

More detail please?

 The technical contact, Phil Schwan, has moved the A record to point at
 the new machine, but the secondary mail exchangers (machines that are
 listed as being able to handle mail for linuxchix.org if the main one
 goes down) are still set up to be the old machines, 

 This is due to Deb being unable to identify herself to her name
 registrar, Network Solutions, to be able to change the Linuxchix
 nameserver setup. This means that the old DNS servers for linuxchix.org
 are still authoratative for the domain.

 mail.hub.org is one of those machines, but it doesn't handle the mail,
 it just bounces it. Hopefully Phil will be able to change the mail
 setup for linuxchix.org soon, but remember, he has nothing to do with
 Linuxchix, he is a friend of Deb's who is doing us a favour.

I've dealt with Network Solutions before, have you tried...?

 At the moment, Jenn is in the middle of trying to get the domain
 redelegated to her. Deb is pretty much incommunicado as far as LinuxChix
 goes, so we can't get her to help redelegate. Phil may be able to do
 something, otherwise Jenn is going to try the often suggested
 'letterhead' solution - that is, send them a fax/letter with a
 LinuxChix letterhead authorising a redelegation.

Mary Gardiner
<mary at puzzling.org>

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