[Techtalk] deleting files

coldfire rolick571 at duq.edu
Thu Oct 11 00:27:19 EST 2001

> I thought this was an easy question, but I asked it on another list and 
> no one seems to want to answer me.  So... here's the deal.  I tried to 
> install starOffice 5.2.  I had some rather bizarre problems with it, and 
> they appear to be new problems every time I try it again.  I've decided 
> to give up on 5.2 and try to get the 6.0 beta working.  My question is: 
> can I just delete the files for 5.2?  I am pretty new to linux, and I 
> just switched from M$ windows where you are supposed to "uninstall" 
> instead of delete, so I want to make sure there is not some similar way 
> of doing it in linux before I get rm-happy.  I have Slackware 7.1 if 
> that matters....  Thanks very much in advance!

i'm pretty sure you can just delete the entire directory.  if you
installed it as a user, it throws everything into one directory .. i've
never installed it as root, so i'm not sure if it distributes libs or
creates symlinks.


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