[Techtalk] newbie and xwin

Rebecca J. Walter rjp at mail.tele.dk
Tue Oct 9 09:47:37 EST 2001

On Tue, 2001-10-09 at 02:07, Rachel Herold wrote:
> so, I'm installing x windows on my suse 6.2 install using YaST.  Everything
> is going fine in the hardware setup until I get to the monitor and it says
> "server not installed. Please install the package xmach64"
> I did do a search in the system trying to find anything to do with xmach,
> thinking it might be in one of those packages not installed.  didn't find
> anything.
> Hints?  Ideas?

xmach64 sounds like a graphics thingie to me.  Did you search your CDs
for the package?
Also check the support database (sdb.suse.de/en/) i think.  not positive
on the addy. i can look it up if you need me to.  just make sure you 
look at the 6.2 relevant articles.
also.. if you think of updating... 7.3 comes out soon with much improved

if your monitor is new, you might need to pick one of the vesa modes. 
6.2 might not have the right drivers for a new monitor.

> ..who's also just getting around to trying to get the modem up and going, I
> connected to something but without any feedback whatsoever I am not sure
> where I was specifically or if it was correct

same as above.. check the support database. it has a lot of
suse-specific articles about install problems. :-)

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