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Tue Oct 9 09:30:18 EST 2001

Jennifer Davis wrote:

> Wow, this thread seems to be generating interest.  After I graduated, I
> lived in the US, it was Detroit, and when I went to University, I saw the 
> US everyday from my apartment's window, stuff like the Renaissance
> Centre, Tiger Stadium, the Comerica Building and the Post Office,  Now I
> live in Ottawa, Ontario.....and I wonder who here is from Canada or
> anywhere else in the world...

Melbourne, Australia here. Grew up in Brisbane, Australia (and, for 
those who know Australia, on the Gold Coast. Just south of Brisbane).

Moved to Melbourne three years ago.

For the curious, the hardware supporting this system is also located
in Melbourne.

(NOTE: please move thread to grrltalk.)

Jenn V.
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