[Techtalk] US Participants(wasRe: mac osx)

pmurphre at indiana.edu pmurphre at indiana.edu
Mon Oct 8 13:15:19 EST 2001

> **>and is anyone else out there in the states?: ) I'm starting to
think I'm
> **>the only one : )

And the confused one from my previous e-mail--I too hail from the
lovely environs of Bloomington, IN (Linux in the heartland, baby!!). 
Anyways, thanks to everyone on the list for your help with my little
problem.  Hopefully I can get it straightened out.  
btw, I started using Linux in as a personal political protest against
the coporate hegemony of Microsoft--that and the fact that as a
leftist radical the whole opensource notion appeals to me (even if I
lack the knowledge to truly engage productively with it).  I'm
actually a theatre historian (in training), so computers are not my
strong suit--but we all must make some sacrifices in the name of
defeating the evil ones from Seattle.  anyways, love the list, its
been a great help.

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