[Techtalk] Star Office 6

Carla Schroder carla at bratgrrl.com
Sun Oct 7 16:03:06 EST 2001

Hi Techtalkers,

For anyone who's into to doing something besides endlessly tweak your Linux 
boxen -I know, it's fun, who needs anything else? ;-)  -  Star Office 6 beta 
is quite nice. There's some installation weirdness, the instructions are for 
a CD install, which isn't very helpful for the download version. And there is 
no CD. 


If, like me, you tried 5.x and loathed it, give it another try. It's had a 
major overhaul. I'm confused by the relationship between StarOffice and 
OpenOffice, but oh well, it'll sort itself out.

Anyway if you're looking for a high-power native Linux office suite, and 
don't want to spend $99 for AnyWare, which used to be Applixware, and which 
has been my main workhorse, have fun with Star Office 6. This beast is good- 
who says Linux can't do the desktop?

Carla Schroder, Ace PC Goddess
Plain English Spoken Here
this message brought to you by Kmail, on Mandrake Linux 8.1

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