[Techtalk] US Participants (was Re: mac os x)

Sharon Stock sharon at technolope.org
Sat Oct 6 23:33:19 EST 2001

I'm from Michigan (I live in a township that's a little bit east of Ann


Kai MacTane wrote:

> At 10/5/01 10:25 PM , Wolf Rising wrote:
> >and is anyone else out there in the states?: ) I'm starting to think I'm
> >the only one : )
> I'm in San Francisco. (BTW, for the record, and since I know my name is a
> little gender-ambiguous, I'm male. Just in case anyone was wondering.)
>                                                  --Kai MacTane

Real programmers don't document. If it was hard to write, it should be hard
to understand.

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