[Techtalk] importing bookmarks from Netscape into Mozilla - help!

Akkana akkana at shallowsky.com
Fri Oct 5 10:00:37 EST 2001

Gil Weber writes:
> I'm using SuSE 7.2.  I have been using Netscape 4.77 and been very 
> disappointed in how it performs with Linux. I'd like to use Mozilla 
> instead. Version 0.8.1 is now on my box.

Sounds like you got your bookmarks working.  I just thought someone
should mention that 0.8.1 is REALLY old (I'm surprised, SuSE
is usually right on top of things for most packages, but they
don't seem very interested in mozilla), and if you find it
slow, the more recent versions (we're on 0.9.4 now) are much
faster.  You can install it in a different location if you
want to try it out without affecting your current (working)
version.  Go to http://mozilla.org/releases/ if you want to try it
-- if connection speed is an issue, get the "stub installer",
the thing that has "installer" in the name but does not have
"sea" in the name ("sea" stands for "self-extracting installer"
and means that you download every possible file and then
install the ones you choose, whereas the stub installer downloads
only the installer, then you choose the parts you want and it
downloads only those parts).

Hope it works for you ... another good browser (which I use
a lot myself, even though I'm a mozilla/netscape developer)
is galeon, which is based on mozilla but uses a gtk UI.
Galeon is unfortunately somewhat hard to install by itself
(their dependencies change all the time; someone in mozilla
has been trying to keep up with the dependencies and has a page
at http://mozilla.org/projects/embedding/examples/galeon.html
which I found very helpful) but I think SuSE comes with a galeon
RPM which works with their libraries.


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