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Jen B jen at sedition.org
Thu Oct 4 18:16:16 EST 2001

Disclaimer: I am not a Mac Person. My first decent Mac is the
Powerbook tried OSX on. As I understand it, OSX has improved quite
a bit with the 10.1 upgrade. my experience is with the initial release

Here are some of my thoughts on OSX. I used it for a month or so
last April and decided to ditch it for Debian PPC.

-The wireless goodies are wonderful. If you have an airport card the
 doc/applet thingy is wonderful, if you are into ad-hoc networks.

-It's very pretty, fonts look beautiful-but I think that might mostly
 be the display on laptop since they look lovely right now (on linux,
 and i never bothered to set up anti-aliasing.)

-it takes FOREVER to boot!! This is a large reason why I did not like it.
 It's one thing if it's on a desktop that's going to be on for days at a
 time, but a laptop I think this is unsatisfactory.

-resource hog. Just the OS and a browser is +1 Gig

-slow to load and start apps.

	What it mostly came down to for me is that personally I am a
happy linux/bsd user. OSX didn't offer me any particular advantage over
linux except maybe something new to hack on. My multimedia needs don't
extend beyond mp3's and RealMedia formats, and at the time I tried OSX
many applications I use reguarly weren't building on it. I spent a few
weekends on it, had a little bit of success and realized that all I was
trying to do was turn OSX into Linux at the expense of performance.


On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, wolf wrote:

> is any one here who's into linux, tried mac os x yet? and if so any
> thoughts on how linux-like it is or isn't ?
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