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I got your note via a friend.  If group scheduling is a requirement (a 
feature of both Lotus and Exchange), then the field is pretty limited: 
 Lotus, Exchange, iPlanet, Novell Groupwise.

If group scheduling is NOT a requirement, I'd suggest looking at an 
email appliance from a company called "Mirapoint" 
(http://www.mirapoint.com).  Their email appliance includes support for 
SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, WebMail, WAPMail (i.e.- from cellphones), anti-virus 
scanning, LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), personal 
calendar (no group scheduling).  It all comes in a single 'applicance' 
like box that can be administered via a command line, a web interface, 
or a GUI Java client.

I've been working with them as mail routers (not so much as a mail 
server) for a large automotive company, and  I'm pretty impressed with them.

Under the hood (which you can't really see from the Admin Interfaces) is 
FreeBSD with a modified version of Sendmail, Apache, their own 
IMAP/Mailbox service, OpenLDAP, RAID disk, redundant power supplies, and 
etc.  They're rated @ about 1.2M messages/per day max... (about 5-700K 
w/ virus scanning)...

Dave Petrie

Sharon Stock wrote:

> Reply to: techtalk at linuxchix.org and/or kath at kathweb.net 8-)
> (It's your chance to save a part of the world, guys ;-)
> Kath wrote:
>> Anyone familiar with a package that will do email (SMTP+POP3) and 
>> includes a webmail tool?  My real job has decided they want to 
>> replace Lotus Notes (the devil itself) with a solution that would be 
>> able to do the above. Unfortunately, they are leaning towards a 
>> Windows based solution, but are open to other possibilities.  Another 
>> requirement would be the ability to filter virus laden email, because 
>> getting it through to the EU not do things is impossible. Also 
>> (probably most important), it must be as idiot proof as possible, as 
>> I won't always be around to maintain it.  They've asked me to 
>> evaluate whats available.  Is anyone familiar with Microsoft Exchange 
>> or any Linux based solutions packages that could do this? Summarized 
>> Requirements:- SMTP and POP3 - Webmail- Virus filtering (Known stupid 
>> stuff like iloveyou and SirCam) - Easy to maintain I'm gonna call 
>> MS's local sales office now, see what I can gleam from them.  - k
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