[Techtalk] hardware recomendations requested

jfweber at eternal.net jfweber at eternal.net
Wed Oct 3 16:29:30 EST 2001

**** imagine; all of everything that is or was, can be reduced to an equation less than one inch long ! ***

I have come to the conclusion that the price of two Kodak cds will buy
a very good scanner and cd rw ! ( scsis) the box to which thtese items
will be attached is a scsi-3 ... but there is room for another card if
I don't expect to be able to duplicate the Kodak cds exactly ... but at
roughly $500 each disc I figure there should be soem pretty good quality
stuff .. I am worried about old pictures and negatives and slides down
here in Florida ( all manner of little things seem to love the stuff
slides and negs are made of <G>
Also, for some reason Gimp no longer seems to regognise the kodac
storage method .. anyone have anyideas about that ( I thoughth tit did
before, but I may have converted them to somehting else first)
Any helps will be greatfully appreciated


afterthought : Why isn't phonetic spelled the way it sounds?

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