[Techtalk] Complete mail solution

Kath kath at kathweb.net
Wed Oct 3 15:53:42 EST 2001

Anyone familiar with a package that will do email (SMTP+POP3) and includes a webmail tool?  

My real job has decided they want to replace Lotus Notes (the devil itself) with a solution that would be able to do the above.  

Unfortunately, they are leaning towards a Windows based solution, but are open to other possibilities.

Another requirement would be the ability to filter virus laden email, because getting it through to the EU not do things is impossible.  

Also (probably most important), it must be as idiot proof as possible, as I won't always be around to maintain it.

They've asked me to evaluate whats available.  

Is anyone familiar with Microsoft Exchange or any Linux based solutions packages that could do this?

Summarized Requirements:
- SMTP and POP3
- Webmail
- Virus filtering (Known stupid stuff like iloveyou and SirCam)
- Easy to maintain

I'm gonna call MS's local sales office now, see what I can gleam from them.

- k
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