[Techtalk] 'nother obvious newbie question

coldfire rolick571 at duq.edu
Tue Oct 2 21:29:39 EST 2001

> When zipping something up in Windows, you use things based on the PKZip
> utilities (probably WinZip), which can take one or many files, put them into
> one single file *and* compress them. (By the way, there are Linux untilities,
> just called zip and unzip, that can deal with these files.)
> In UNIX, there is one utility to put all of the files together - tar, and one
> to compress them - gzip. tar has a flag -z to be able to be alerted to the
> fact that you also want to deal with compression.

well, in unix, tar and gzip are the most popular.  this doesn't mean they
are the only archiving and compression utilities.  as you say, 'zip' and
'unzip' do exist and thus a utility exists that archives and compresses in
linux.  bzip2 is picking up steam ..


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