[Techtalk] closed relay? (is that even what it'd be called?)

Conni ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Tue Nov 20 07:25:23 EST 2001

I was reading these messages about having open relays and all, and it was
oddly related to something I was thinking about last night. 

My husband uses Mac, and he's using Eudora as his mail client.  I've got
RedHat 7 on my machine, and I'm using exim to send mail (MTA?  I get
really confused around this stuff.)  We have RoadRunner, and he uses RR's
mail server to send his mail.  Can I configure exim to relay from his Mac?

We have this setup: Cable modem into a netgear firewalling router, which
goes through the ethernet in our walls to our machines.  I believe I have
exim 3.20.  (When I installed it originally, I was on IRC with someone who
was telling me which config lines to modify and what to put there.  I am
clueless when it comes to this.)


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