[Techtalk] Best components for a new Linux box? (was: Building boxen)

Glenda R. Snodgrass grs at theneteffect.com
Mon Nov 19 16:34:12 EST 2001

> 3COM hasn't sold NICS for quite a while.  The problem is
> finding something that works that you can still buy today.

???  You can buy a 3Com Fast EtherLink 10/100 PCI NM at CDW
(http://www.cdw.com/shop/products/default.asp?EDC=107719) for $57.22 and
it'll ship today.  I bought one there a few weeks ago.  Two weeks ago
I got a bunch of desktop quotes from Compaq, IBM and HP for a client, and
3Com NIC was an upgrade option on several models.

We too have had good luck with 3Com NICs.  We often use Netgear NICs in PC
workstations, but 3Com for servers.

Glenda R. Snodgrass

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