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Raena Lea-Shannon raen7 at ihug.com.au
Sat Nov 17 01:50:57 EST 2001

I think if someone can answer Glenda R
Snodgrass' problem in Message 2 from
Digest Volume 1#184 (see copy below),
that would go some way to beging to give
M$ a head ache.

I work in a law office and I am very
interested to see if Glenda's client
works this out becuase we are on the
brink of considering it too. We are a
small business and have clung to Windows
95! because it does all we need but it
is now so heavily superseded that it
supports fewer and fewer things
expecially anything on the net or
involving media files. All the companies
we deal with and ourselves run
Office/Word 97 not Word Perfect but it
is  surely the same problem of getting
Star Office to truly interoperate with
the dreaded .doc files. Our outsource IT
people are saying we have to go to
WIndoze 2000 for eveything;the file
server, the web and the net server and
up-grade all our PCs to accommodate 2000
(ie lots of new hardware). (Our IT
people like and use Linux on their web
and email servers with Apache but they
cannot come to grips with it ever being
a desk top. I am trying to convince them

M$2000 upgrade is a hugely expensive
exercise and no doubt M$ will require
that we go along with another upgrade in
a year or so.

If Glenda's problem is solved so is ours
and if our problem is solved alot of
other businesses will be very envious
and that is I hope is what the M$ sales
people worry about.

PS Glenda, do you have any idea how to
get Star Office's 5.2 email to send mail
on a Red Hat 7.1 install. I have tried
all over the place with no luck getting
an answer.  

Message: 2
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 13:42:35 -0600
From: "Glenda R. Snodgrass"
<grs at theneteffect.com>
To: <techtalk at linuxchix.org>
Subject: [Techtalk] StarOffice6 and Word

Has anyone managed to get the Word
Perfect filters working in StarOffice6?
Many of our clients are lawfirms and use
only Word Perfect, so this is a
big issue for us.  We have one small
office ready to try Linux on the
desktop and we're putting together their
test box right now, but the
WordPerfect 2000 suite doesn't want to
install on RedHat 7.2 (and really
it's a horrible program anyway), and the
basic StarOffice6 installation
doesn't include import filters for WP. 
The Help entry on installing add'l
text import filters doesn't actually
match the screen in the setup program
(I can only find the graphics filters,
not text).

Any help much appreciated.

Glenda R. Snodgrass

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