[techtalk] FTP server

Julie jockgrrl at ix.netcom.com
Sat Mar 31 00:02:46 EST 2001

From: Keith Barringer <zx2dragon at yahoo.com>
> I've been assigned the task of setting up an FTP
> server at work.  I am very new to Linux and have
> currently loaded Mandrake 7.2 because I am familiar
> with it. 
> I d/l OFTPD, but it appears to only be a server to do
> downloads from and I need something that can act as a
> file transfer point for users out in the field.
> I was thinking of using wu, but with all of the
> vulnerabilities that were just released, I'm not that
> sure about using it.

One of the things about programs like wuftp is that
they have vulnerabilities because they are being used
and maintained.  For my $0.02 I'd rather go with
something like wuftp that is being maintained and poked
and prodded than with something I've never heard of
(and I'd never heard of oftpd before just now ...)

-- Julie.

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