[techtalk] More XP vs UML

BiOFH biofh at biofh.org
Fri Mar 30 19:53:47 EST 2001

Hehehe ...to avoid those uncomfortable moments months later when they 
say "OK, now we want to add X and put this baby live on the 
Internet"? And the programmers reply "Uhh... couldn't you have told 
us this 'before' we did it all with UDP instead of TCP"?

>Jenn V said:
>Then TALK WITH the coders. Say 'the client seems to want X, Y and Z;
>with A, B and C to follow later on'. Get THEIR input in the design.
>Involve them from the start. Promise to get back to them with a
>rough design within a certain time frame. Do that. Get their review of
>the design - they'll have been thinking about it too.
>Rinse and repeat till you have a design you and they can all live with.
>Freeze that document - snapshot the spec & design docs at this point.


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