[techtalk] XP vs UML

Shari sharifl at pacbell.net
Thu Mar 29 07:35:40 EST 2001

I have to say, the team aspect of development/programming is what I like best about it.  
That's what is the most appealing aspect of XP to me.  Stronger involvement with all members.  
With UML, here anyway, it seems to happen like this:

1)  The Project Manager goes to client meetings, gathers requirements, creates use-cases as 
to the functionality of the app.

2)  The Project Architect (that would be me) reviews the use-cases and activity diagrams (and 
sometimes goes to client meetings, if she promises not to make too much noise and draw 
undecipherable whiteboard diagrams).

3)  After reviewing use-cases, etc., the PA comes up with class diagrams and sequence 
diagrams with documentation ad-naud.  Hands off said diagrams to technical team.  "Go forth 
and code ... my children!"

4)  Tech team reviews the models and codes accordingly.  BTW, I'm not sure if this piece 
actually happens! It seems like the end-result looks different in a lot of cases from how the 
design model began.  This is a management problem on my end.  Because we do iterative 
development, I'm usually on the next phase, and there's a thin line (IMO) between making sure 
the tech team follows the model and micro-management.

-- shari

>For those who've done application or OS programming as well as web 
>programming, what do you see are the major differences? Major similarities. 
>Which do you like best and why? I've been thinking of delving into some 
>application programming, but it seems a bit daunting to me.
>Michelle Murrain, Ph.D.
>Norwottuck Technology Resources
>mpm at norwottuck.com

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