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Martin.Caitlyn at epamail.epa.gov Martin.Caitlyn at epamail.epa.gov
Tue Mar 27 18:13:15 EST 2001

>> It's so nice to have sysadmin friends. It's like having a doctor in
>> the family.

> not to mention having sysadmin husband! the best part about it is
> that when i really need help, i can whine about it, and even tho if
> he wouldn't want to bother himiself on thinking about the subject
> right now, he knows that he's going to get lot easier by doing it,
> than listening to me trying to work it out without succeeding.

I think it's even better when the woman (as in me) in the *nix person and
the guy is just learning.  It is so nice to have Keith deferring to me in a
technical area for a change.  It makes up for all those guys who didn't
respect my technical ability (at least at first) because I am female.

When Keith and I got together he was in marketing and wanted to change
careers.  I helped him get started in IT.  It's a nice reversal from the
norm, at least for me.

Now... if I could only convince him that he wants to make a commitment
after all...




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