[techtalk] natural language vs. programming language

TiMoNeiRa timoneira at unbounded.com
Mon Mar 26 09:13:58 EST 2001

Thanks Andrew,

This is very helpful :)


At 14:24 25/03/01 -0500, Andrew Plumb wrote:

>Hi Roberta,
>On a somewhat related note, I highly recommend picking up a copy of the
>O'Reilly "lex & yacc" book.  Given your background in both
>linguistics/translation and programming I think you'll find it
>particularly interesting.  I picked up a copy for myself a couple of weeks
>back and have been finding it quite interesting; it's giving me some ideas
>for some alternate shell environments and file systems...
>Anything to do with may be of interest too - it's a lot
>heavier on the math & stats content than "regular" programming courses,
>but IMHO well worth the effort.  Cryptography, compression and error
>detection+correction algorithms fall under this category of study.
>Information theory is what makes sites/technology like Babelfish
>(http://www.babelfish.org/) possible.
>Andrew Plumb, VE3SLG
>Today's High:  http://todayshigh.webhop.net/

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