[techtalk] SCSI and RedHat

Angela Nash Chick at the-nashes.net
Fri Mar 23 18:34:31 EST 2001

Go find the list of supported SCSI adapters for each UNIX and match them up.
:)  Adaptec cards are good, and have good support so start there.  Some like
the 2940U2 should be supported under about every OS.

The KT7A boards work just fine under Linux.  I have the KT7 (100MHz bus
instead of 133, same chipset though) in this workstation and run Debian on
it all the time.  Very good choice going with an Athlon...they are fast and
Linux loves them.

I use NVidia chipset vid cards and they work very well under Linux and
Win2K, but I'm not sure about BSD support.  ATI or Matrox may be a better


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Hi everyone.. quick question- 

I'm needing to put together information on my 'dream computer' for my new
boss, and I know I want SCSI - the thing I don't know is what's going to
work best for me. This box will need to run RedHat7, Windows 2000 and
possibly solaris, any of the BSD's, and anything else we come up with. What
are my best options, in anyone's opinions? I'm planning to use an Abit KT7A
motherboard, and want to use a Plextor burner on this as well as a



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