[techtalk] Running Linux from a zip disk.

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This has bugged me since you first posted, because I knew I'd just read
something about this.....

>From the book LINUX FOR YOUR LAPTOP by Bill Ball--

Slackware has a version that's meant to be run from a zip disk.<g>  Minimal
installation on your machine, and boots from the zip:


Procedure as presented by Ball:

Download zipslack.zip, bootdisk.img, rawrite.exe
Decompress onto the zip disk
Use rawrite.exe to create boot disk (optional)
Run loadlin.exe to boot Linux from the zip disk

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I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience
running Linux from a zip disk.

I am a newbie, and relatively ignorant, but for some
reason, during the summer I will be rquired to do some
UNIX stuff.  I decided that if I ran Slackware, I
would be able to go by with that.  The problem is that
I literally live at school, where everything is
windows and microsoft.  So I was thinking in the
possibility of running Linux from a zip disk, without
having to mess up much with the computers.

Any ideas/help?



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