[techtalk] netware vs. linux..?

Walt pippin at fred.net
Wed Mar 21 18:04:24 EST 2001

Wow! Since I don't know, well, anyone on
this list very well, I am suprised often by the
amount of raw knowledge/experience/info
that is present.

In response to Caitlyn's (2nd) response, I would
note that they _are_ using GroupWise and
that is actually their single biggest problem point
from an outsider's point of view. I.e., they are
forever sending and resending emails that
don't make it out of the system, and sometimes
don't receive emails for hours/days, if at all.

 From my experience the rest of their system
for a campus-wide (10 buildings +/-) network,
seems to be relatiely trouble-free.

I was kind of lumping GroupWise in with Netware,
but I see from the responses that the
performance of the two differs vastly.

I really appreciate this info! Helps expand my
thinking. :-)

Thank you,


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     and are not, however it may seem, uniquely determined
     by the external world.
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