[techtalk] netware vs. linux..?

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Hi, Walt,

Regardless of how NetWare performs it has absolutely no future.  Novell
announced last year that it was sunsetting the product, and would instead
focus on it's eDirectory (formerly NDS) for Windows, UNIX, and Linux.  As a
result, NetWare's market share has dropped precipitously, and it's
installed base is migrating to other platforms.

NetWare, in the days before NT 3.51 and the rise in popularity of Linux,
was the defacto standard for file and print sharing on PC based networks of
any size.  Unfortunately, except for NDS and belated TCP/IP support, little
has been added to it's functionality.  Yes, NetWare is still alive and
still in fairly wide use, but that has been in decline for sometime.
Investing time to learn NetWare today is like investing time in OS/2 a few
years ago.  The handwriting is on the wall.  Besides, OS/2 is still alive
too.  It performs well.  Is it something you want to invest time or money



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I know NetWare isn't much in the headlines
these days, but how does it really perform?

I know some people running a system with
about 500 users and it constantly seems to
be having trouble. Obviously I don't have
nearly as many users, but they're pros and I'm
a newbie and I have better trouble-free uptime
than they do...

Just wondering if someone else there has
comparative experience on Netware.



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