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Laurel Fan wrote:

> Excerpts from linuxchix: 21-Mar-101 [techtalk] DESIGN: N-ary
> treesjenn at simegen.com (687*) by 
>> Has anyone come up with a useful design of an N-ary tree (I'm
>> thinking of a 4-ary tree) where you can lift a whole branch of
>> the tree and move it elsewhere?
> What do you mean by move it elsewhere?  Are you specifically thinking
> of something quadtrees can't do? :)

I suspect so. 

Dancer wants to lift a whole branch of an N-ary tree and move it 
elsewhere in the tree. (basically, to move the data from one 
section to another, without deconstructing the current branch
and making a new one - just move the pointer that points to 
the branch.)

*I* couldn't figure out a way to do that within an N-ary tree (other
than also changing the 'where in the tree am I' stuff). I 
was wondering if anyone else could.

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