[techtalk] Hosed KDE - help

Michelle Murrain mpm at norwottuck.com
Thu Mar 15 14:45:40 EST 2001

I'm running Mandrake 7.1 - I wanted to upgrade my KDE from KDE 2.0 to 2.1 

I first just did a rpm -F on kdelibs, kdebase and kdesupport. 

I got some conflicts, so I went back and also upgraded my QT libs (libqt2 and 

Then went to freshen the kde packages, and it worked fine. I then restarted 
KDE, and it crashed, and won't start.

So I decided to start from scratch. I removed all of the KDE packages I had 
(not the apps, but the base, utils, libs, etc.) and re-installed. It looked 
fine, but won't start. I get the following message when I try to start x:
kdeinit:error in loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/libkdeui.so.3: undefined 
symbol: focusNextPrevChild_14QMultiLineEditb
kedinit:error in loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/libkdecore.so.3: 
undefined symbol: qt_set_loacal_codec_FP10QTextCodec
ksmserver:error in loading shared libraries: 
/usr/lib/libkdecore.so.3:undefined symbol (same as above)

So what does this mean? It can obviously find these libraries. Is it that the 
version of the libraries aren't new enough? I'm about to go look at rpmfind, 
and see what packages these libraries come from. Any ideas on how to find out 
what version is installed, and if that is the problem?

I came across another undefined symbol problem in trying to install wine.



PS - I upgraded my KDE to 2.1 in debian with incredible ease. I'll be happy 
when by some magic an easy install is matched with the ease of upgrade of 
debian. But I just haven't gotten debian to run on my laptop, after hours of 
work, whereas Mandrake installed really easily. Sigh.

MIchelle Murrain, President
Norwottuck Technology Resources
mpm at norwottuck.com

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