[techtalk] Random serious freezes

Michelle Murrain mpm at norwottuck.com
Wed Mar 14 19:57:34 EST 2001

On Wednesday 14 March 2001 01:55 pm, Martin.Caitlyn at epamail.epa.gov wrote:

> Actually, I've had it happen with Netscape 4.76 merely running for hours,
> not days.  I am running XFree86 4.01 and KDE 2.1, so it's not version
> specific for X or KDE.  My Mom has been pretty happy with Netscape 6.01.
> It still freezes, but less than 4.76 did for her.  She runs XFree86 4.01
> and KDE 2.01 so far.  So... I'll probably load 6.01 on my system, but I do
> think perhaps I should use another browser.  Pity.

I've been running Opera - not for long enough to know whether or not it will 
help - but in fact, I love it. It's a great browser. The only complaint I 
have is that as a web developer, it sometimes does some strange things, and I 
have to verify that things look right using netscape. But then I have to do 
that with IE - go to another computer (ie a windoze machine) and check how 
things look there anyway, so it's not a big deal at all. 

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