[techtalk] Debian.. and now X

Rachel Andrew lists at rachelandrew.co.uk
Mon Mar 12 23:33:53 EST 2001


thanks to being pointed in the right direction here, I did lots of reading 
and now have x and KDE running on my debian install.

One teeny problem is that I cant get this monitor to run at anything more 
than 640x480 despite it being able to do up to 1024x768, i'd like it at 
800x600 but everything I try it just won't start the x server

Any pointers? I've always used redhat and it probed the card and always got 
the res right so I dont really know what settings it should be at.

Rachel Andrew
i know there is strength in the differences between us and i know there is 
comfort where we overlap - ani difranco

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