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Sat Mar 10 17:31:28 EST 2001

On Sat, Mar 10, 2001 at 04:17:54PM -0500, Michelle Murrain wrote:
> On Friday 09 March 2001 04:56 pm, Jen Hamilton wrote:
> > Rachel,
> >
> > I found some other interesting information about debian-kde here
> > http://www.tdyc.com/archive/debian-tutorial/develop.html.
> >
> > It says "KDE 2.x is now a part of woody but since woody is considered
> > unstable most people out there who have a need
> > for KDE will be using potato. For *many* reasons KDE is not a part of
> > potato and will never be. This site is primarily focused for those potato
> > users and the ongoing development of KDE packages for both potato and
> > woody and all future versions of Debian."
> >
> > It looks like there is also a mailing list for debian-kde on the
> > http://lists.debian.org/ site.
> I thought that once a Debian distro was called "stable" there weren't really 
> any changes to it - whereas if it's "testing" or "unstable" newer versions of 
> packages are added until it freezes and becomes stable. So, I think that no 
> newer version of anything will ever become part of potato - you have to go to 
> woody or sid (the new name for unstable) to get newer versions.

The only changes to stable are security updates.  One thing you can do
if you want to run newer versions of packages on Stable is build from
'testing' or 'unstable' source.  It is quite easy.  I may get this wrong as
I'm working from memory but -

apt-get -b source <package name>

I believe will create a .deb you can install.  You just have to stick
the appropriate line in /etc/apt/sources.list pointing to 'src unstable'
or 'testing.'

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