[techtalk] Debian

Shawn Ann Griffith shawnann1 at home.com
Thu Mar 8 20:02:49 EST 2001

Rachel Andrew wrote:

> Yet I can't install a window manager, I'd really like kde, but when I try
> and use apt-get it doesnt work. I'm sure I'm just doing something silly. I
> found kde.debian.net added the line of where the files were to sources.list
> but it doesnt seem to find anything to install.

kde2 is included in the unstable branch.  I have been running unstable debian
ever since I started using linux and have had no problems.  A few sites you
might want to try for debian questions would be http://debianplanet.org or
http://debianhelp.org  I don't use kde and have never really looked into it,
hope this may help some.

Shawn Ann

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