[techtalk] reinstall idiot questions

Rebecca J. Walter rjp at mail.tele.dk
Wed Mar 7 19:12:06 EST 2001

I have a rather stupid problem.  Exceedingly stupid considering that I
now work for SuSE...

but to get to the point.

I need to replace the red hat 6.2 on my box with suse 7.1 pro for work
reasons (otherwise id just upgrade to RH7).  The problem is that I don't
have a CD-ROM drive on my computer so I'd need to install from the
CD-ROM on the server.  My husband says swapping a CD-ROM into my box is
not an option (he is king of the system) but neither of us knows how to
install remotely.
Does anyone have any advice?

Also I am going to try to conquer this stuff generally on my own wiht
just a little backup from my hubby.  So any general tips for a new
install of SuSE would be appreciated (esp. re getting a wacom working).


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