[techtalk] AWStats

Jamie Snyder jamiels21 at home.com
Mon Mar 5 13:41:54 EST 2001

Hi everyone!

I'm usually a lurker, but I have a question.  I am using AWStats to track 
web site statistics on RH 7.  Its working (for the most part) except when 
it generates the statistics, some of the links don't work.  It adds an 
extra awstats.cgi to the link, so it looks like 
awstats.cgi.awstats.cgi?blah_blah_blah.  Has anyone ever worked with 
AWStats and come across this or does anyone have any suggestions where I 
could look to find the problem?

An example link: http://www.empire-records.com/stats/awstats.cgi

I have tried contacting them directly, but no answer :(

Thank you!

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