[techtalk] Re: modem/ppp problem

rottie at pandora.be rottie at pandora.be
Sat Mar 3 22:47:20 EST 2001


I don't have much experience with dailup connections but anyway.. 
Some questions : 

When you ping those "slow" sites, do you get a reply?
(at a console you type "ping www.google.com")
I think that the 2bytes/sec rate just means that the connection is

Secondly, the remote host you talk about, is that on your local network or
on the internet? 

Thirdly, isn't there a tool for verifying the installation and installed
packages in RH? If you think that the problem began by the installation
procedure which crashed it might help isolation the faulty package,
downloading it from the internet and reinstalling it.
If there isn't you can always use the rpm command at the console.
I'm sorry this isn't much of an answer but maybe it can help you isolate
the problem.. 


> From: Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun <ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net>
> To: techtalk at linuxchix.org
> Subject: [techtalk] strange modem/ppp problem
> I hope someone here can give me an idea about what I  can try here.  I've
> already asked a few people I know, and they were all lost.
> So here's the troube:  About 2 weeks ago, I wsa trying to upgrade from
> RedHat 6 to 6.2, and the cd I was using is bad somehow.  Like it got to a
> certain point in the installation process (installing packages, usually),
> then died.  Since then, when I dial into the modem pool, after I view a
> few webpages (ranging from 3 to 20 on a good day), the transfer rate goes
> to about 2 bytes/second in netscape, IMAP, and POP mail transfer.  But I
> can ssh to a remote host to read my email, and I can IRC from there for
> hours without trouble.  WHen I run IRC from my machine, it dies.  It's
> probably not the modem itself, since I'm not having this problem under
> windows.  I don't have the first idea about what sort of diagnostcs I can
> run.  One of the people I asked suggested that perhaps the problem was
> that I didn't have a caching nameserver installed, but I would swear I
> did.  (Or I did once, at the very least.  Upgrading badly may have messed
> things up a lot more than I thought...)  Oh, and if I hang up and redial,
> it works fine ... until the threshold is reached again.  It's like there's
> a pipe filling up.
> Please, any suggestions would be lovely.  (I'm tired of using windows...)
> Conni

Windows has detected that your mouse position has changed. You must
restart the computer for the change to take effect ...

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