[techtalk] DNS update

Angela Nash Chick at the-nashes.net
Thu Jan 25 16:26:27 EST 2001

Are you doing this with a dynamic IP account?  If so, good luck.  Your IP
will change every so often.  Ours stays the same for a month, but when a
small outage occurs it changes.  Whenever this happens you're looking at
several days for internic to update their records and then you have to wait
for people's DNS cache to clear.

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Ok, more DNS woes.  NSI has finally gotten around to fully updating their
database.  However, my IP changed for some reason (Damn Cablevision!) and
its the wrong IP for ns1.kathweb.net

   Domain servers in listed order:


Should I call them and get this straightened out?

- Kath

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