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Kristin Ziel zoop at sound.scc.net
Mon Jan 22 15:07:44 EST 2001

Actually, not a dumb question. I just did this myself...and it was a

I started downloading everything that I thought I would need..and then
ended up downloading like 10 more packages to get all the required
libraries, and the libs that they required....and it just sorta daisy
chained.  aaack!! <grin> i can smile about this now, but it was a thorn in
my side, not knowing what it was that i was downloading and installing to
get a particular library.....

perhaps someone can tell me if there is a better way to approach what i

anyway.....i don't know how much you would feel like doing that..it took
me a few days with an hour or two at a shot and i've got DSl so at least
my packages were downloading quickly....

....perhaps if the KDE1 kmail client has the capability to set up multiple
accounts (i don't remember...someone on this list must know tho), you
should get that working and then you can futz with upgrading if you've got
the time or inclination...


> Ok, dumb question :)
> I'm on Corel, which I know is a Debian based distro, but how the hell do 
> I upgrade to KDE2?
> I tried apt-get install task-kde, but I get a ton of errors that it 
> couldn't find certain packages.  And when I look at the packages to 
> build from source, I have no clue what to do (I hate compiling, I always 
> b0rk it).
> Any help would be appreciated :)
> - Kath the Slow :D
> Kristin Ziel wrote:
> > I'm using KMail as well..and am pretty happy with it.  Make sure that
> > you're using KDE2 to get the latest greatest kmail client.  I am not sure
> > if kmail with KDE1 supported multiple clients or not, but the newer kmail
> > has many more cool widgets, and I like that i can stack my folder level
> > now too...
> > 
> > Kristin
> > 
> > 
> > 
> >> What is a good email client for Linux (KDE in Corel)?
> >> 
> >> I need one that is basically MS Outlook Express.  I haven't been able to 
> >> find one that lets me have mutliple accounts with unique pop and smtp 
> >> servers.  Also, Mozilla (M18 .deb) won't check every single email 
> >> account that I have, I have to do them all uniquely, but it will 
> >> autocheck them every few minutes, like it told it to.
> >> 
> >> - Kath
> >> 
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