[techtalk] Linux Email Clients

spud at farawaytree.org spud at farawaytree.org
Mon Jan 22 12:36:39 EST 2001

On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, Kath wrote:
> What is a good email client for Linux (KDE in Corel)?

Kmail allows you to add multiple POP3 or local mail accounts. Have you
tried using that since you're using KDE? Also, the KDE Biff utility
(called kbiff) can be set up to check Kmail accounts...

You might have already tried it, but I figured I'd suggest it anyway. I
don't have a whole lot of experience using it, other than playing with it
a little, since I mainly just use good ol' Pine.

spud at farawaytree.org

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