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You need to fill out a host form to add your server as a DNS server.  Then
you can change your domain by doing a change form.  Now, keep in mind that
unless you have an entire net block assigned to you, you won't be able to
host the reverse DNS for your site.  
Also...are you going to set up a secondary DNS server as well?  If not, you
need to coordinate that with whoever is running the secondary so they know
to do zone transfers from your primary server.

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Still more questions :)
Ok, I have this thingy setup (I hope).
Now, how do I update my Network Solutions records to reflect that I'm
running my own DNS server and to have the DNS records point to that new
server?  I'm VERY confused as how to do this and which forms I fill out etc
- Kath

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Hi Kath: 

Fire ahead with the questions... ;-) 


Kath wrote: 

 Thanks!  I think I'll have a ton of questions in a few minutes :D  - Kath


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