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I think I'll have a ton of questions in a few minutes :D

- Kath

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  Hi Kath: 

  or another really good source is the O'Reilly book 
  The definitive guide to DNS 


    Anyone know a good howto on setting up a DNS server?  Have any tips? What I want is that workstations on my network have it specified as their DNS server. Also so I can assign 3rd level domain names with unique IPs (so dumby.kathweb.net points to one place and foobar.kathweb.net points to someplace else). Any help here?  I looked at the docs at linuxdoc.org and got a bit confused as to what to do.  Should I compile from source?  Use a binary (I'm using Debian)?  Should I put the DNS server behind my firewall or run it on the firewall (The firewall is a masquerading box)? - Kath the Very Confused
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