[techtalk] More filtering

Kath ranger at optonline.net
Tue Jan 16 19:31:42 EST 2001

We have a rather overzealous computer teacher/jewelry shop owner at my school, who has now taken up a jihad against sites that kids goto like shockwave.com, hotmail.com, aol.com, alt.sex.pudgy.sheep, etc.

What is a freeware/VERY low cost (We're too ghetto and cheap to pay for software :( ), that can block certain sites on a WinNT machine (locally based)?  I would say that we could do something on the proxy side BUT we are phasing out proxies and not all of our teachers share the same... enthusiasm as mine for blocking these... distracting sites.

One of our students who is a w4r3z k1ng tried to warez us some or find a crack, but he failed.  I said that they wouldn't find any blocking software since most warezers also happen to have a very large pr0n collection =D

</End Rant about how dumb NB is>

- Kath

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