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David Merrill dmerrill at lupercalia.net
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On Mon, Jan 15, 2001 at 07:42:34PM -0500, Angela Nash wrote:
> You can set up a system and use what is known as NAT (Network Address
> Translation), or Masq in Linux.  Basically, this lets more than one PC use a
> single IP address.
> My recommendation is to go buy the LinkSys Etherfast Cable/DSL router.  They
> are $99 from buy.com and do NAT in hardware.  They are fast and easy to
> configure.  Plus, they inherently secure your network since inbound
> connections are not allowed.
> Cheap and very effective.

This is the simplest and easiest route, which is probably a good thing
since you're still learning the basics.

Be aware, however, that the lack of inbound connections, while
simplifying everything, will prevent you from running public services
on your machine, such as a web server. This may not matter to you, but
before you decide to take this route you should be aware of the



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> Hi all,
> I'm a Linux newbie who's using Red Hat 7.
> I realize this is slightly off the subject, but I am *really* new <G>
> If I want to share an SDSL line between 2 computers, what are my options?
> I know customarily, people use routers, are there any other good
> alternatives,
> for example, software?  I purchased a Linksys hub (switch) on the
> recommendation
> of a friend, without realizing what would be needed.
> Also, as far as networking, can I see a Windows 2000 machine from a Linux
> box?
> I will have one of each when I bring home a PC from work.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Mary
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